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Este se supone que es una especie de servicio de directorio, con la intención de conectar a la gente que comparte un interés: El GT Turbo. La gente podría vivir lo suficientemente cerca para quedar, o podría querer organizar algo. Al menos ¡esto te da algunas direcciones a las que puedes escribir!

A propósitio, algunos de los datos de vuestros formularios pueder haber sido perdidos o recortados. Si es el caso, o quieres ser borrado, no mandes el formulario otra vez, simplemente escríbeme un e-mail.

Puedes rellenar tu formulario al final de la página.

Directorio Renault 5 GT Turbo Sporting Club

Aidan Le Pageaidan@satriani93.freeserve.co.uk Guernsey, U.K.
-'91 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
My car will shit over most cars on this little island!
Alec Prenteralecp@probe.co.uk South East, England
-'90 phase 2 modified GTT
160bhp Raider soon to have 200.... feel free to mail me with your problems, chances are it's happened to me
Alexr5gtturbo@xoommail.com Madrid, Spain
http://members.xoom.com/r5gtturbo/gttintro.htm'88 phase 2 modified GTT
It's me!
Alex Goble- Portsmouth, England
-'87 phase 1 slightly modified GTT
Andrea Passerinizag@stud.unipg.it Perugia, Italy
My car is an ALPINE Turbo, not a GT Turbo. Visit my page
Andy Hullandanaboland@hotmail.com Birmingham, England
-'91 phase 2 standard GTT
Bas van der Veerbass@dds.nl Den Haag, The Netherlands
-'89 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Just bought my Superfive and I like it! yeah! So much fun to drive
Ben Williamsonben@satmann.demon.co.uk London, Great Britain
-'90 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Well quick
Bob Whittellwhitter@towers.com London, United Kingdom
-'90 phase 2 GTT
Boretboret@cais.net Madrid, Spain
-'86 phase 1 slightly modified GTT
The Renault 5 GT Turbo rules baby!!!
Boulosboultoni@hotmail.com Beirut, Lebanon
-'90 phase 2 modified GTT
E-mail to looser brand name car killed by GTTurbo
Brendan Etheridgebrendanetheridge@hotmail.com Derby, England
Sooooooooooo fast
Brian Bellamygtt@barley-hills.demon.co.uk Bishop's Stortford, England
-'87 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Anyone in the UK - Get in contact - I don't know much about GTT and would like advice!
Bruno Fonsecabruno.fonseca@mail.telepac.pt Setubal, Portugal
-'86 phase 2 modified GTT
Modified Super 5 L into a Renault 5 GT Turbo with asphalte kit
Burkhardt Christoph- Olten, Switzerland
-'86 phase 2 fully modified GTT
R5 GT turbo is the best, fuck the Rest!
Carlos Doriacdoria@mail.telepac.pt Lisboa, Portugal
-'88 phase 2 standard GTT
Send me mail with mods, specially brake, suspension, tyres... thks
Carlos Lajosoclajoso@usa.net Lisboa, Portugal
-'86 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
I will never change it
Chris van Schoonhovenvanschoonhoven28@wxs.nl Mijnsheerenland, Holland
-'87 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Any comments welkom to modify my car. I want to fit Clio Williams wheels.
Christian Rizzatolotto102@hotmail.com Rimini, Italy
-'89 phase 2 standard GTT
Please e-mail me more info about any mods... thanks
Cliff Evansclifftoff@aol.com Heathfield, East Sussex
-'88 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
What do you own and where are you from?
Craig Rosslacoste@cwcom.net Stoke-on-Trent, England
-'89 phase 2 standard GTT
Hello to all you turbo owners!!
Dale Kilborndale.kilborn@dial.pipex.com Northampton, England
-'89 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
E-mail me fixes to general problems, I have a lot of them with my Car!
Dan Pagedanpage@home.pipex.com Ely, England
-'89 phase 2 standard GTT
Do these babies go or WHAT
Daniel Schwarz- Brugg, Switzerland
-'86 phase 2 standard GTT
Search some informations of tuners in europe
Danny Fisherdaniel.fisher@virgin.net Plymouth, England
-phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Darioblast@cosmo.it Como, Italy
-'89 phase 2 modified GTT
I'm ready to speak with anyone loves R5GT-T
David Butcherdavid-andrea.butcher@tronet.de Neunkirchen, Germany
http://www.geocities.com/motorCity/garage/9620phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Rare Right-Hand-Drive conversion
David Haymandhayman_2@aol.com Southampton, England
-'86 phase 1 modified GTT
It will kick an XR2i Nova GTE and Mini GT any day
David Jacquesdjhibbert@msn.com Leicester, England
-phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Dentinger Guillaumegdenting@hol.fr Nice, France
http://wwwperso.hol.fr/~gdenting'87 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
I need a lot of things about GTT
Emmawess@globalnet.com Louth, England
-phase 2 standard GTT
A Red Beast Raing to GOOOOOOOO
Fleaufleau@club-internet.fr Toulouse, France
-'90 phase 2 standard GTT
I love cars and specially the GTT
George Apostolopoulosrotten69@hol.gr Athens, Greece
-'87 phase 1 slightly modified GTT
Gertjan Hondershonders.tuit@wxs.nl Eenrum, Holland
-'87 phase 1 modified GTT
Renault 5 alpine coupe, Renault 5 alpine turbo coupe
Giannibquco@tin.it Sorso, Sassari
-'92 phase 2 fully modified GTT
Gustavo Daniel Graciagdgarcia@forfree.at Buenos Aires, Argentina
-'87 phase 1 slightly modified GTT
Recien comprado, con algunos problemillas aun es una bala!
Jaeggi Nicole jaeggi.nicole-1@cibasc.ch Muttenz, Switzerland
-'86 slightly modified GTT
Don't be one of the crowd
James Wolstenholmelizking15@hotmail.com Reading, England
http://www.ios.uk.com'90 phase 2 fully modified GTT
250 bhp mean anything to you suckers Wanna race me? Catch me if you can
Jason Stockleyjason.stockley@courchem.com Nottingham, England
-'86 phase 1 fully modified GTT
Jason Warra0077jcw@solent.ac.uk Southampton, England
-'90 phase 2 fully modified GTT
The best looking original GT Turbo Williams showing the clio were still number one. Funded by government grants and student loans. 33000 spent on mods so far
Javier Suarez Losadasiajavi@airastur.es Aviles, Asturias
-'87 phase 2 modified GTT
La Bestia Negra
Joan jrgomis@readysoft.es Reus, Spain
-phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Kai- Heathfield E.Sussex, England
-'87 phase 2 modified GTT
Anyone know a GTT club in England with benefits of discount parts?
Khaled Diranik_dirani@hotmail.com Amman, Jordan
L Frostleigh.frost@sdrc.com Watford, England
-'91 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Lee Marcusadmiral@arrakis.es Collbato (Barcelona), Spain
-'89 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Awesome in bright yellow!
Lionellionel.martin@iup.univ-avignon.fr Marseille, France
-'87 phase 1 modified GTT
I hope meet a lot of GTTurbo fans
Lisa Cookelisa@troll.mcmail.com Bournemouth, England
-'90 phase 2 modified GTT
I have an 1990 Raider which is very low and has a GT Tuning induction kit and exhaust
Lukas Chorvatovickarlmarx@videotron.ca Sherbrooke, Canada
Marcel de Waalvvisual@worldaccess.nl Oudewater, Nederland
-'90 phase 2 standard GTT
Marco Barendregtmarc.barendregt@wxs.nl Rotterdam, Holland
-'90 phase 2 standard GTT
Mark- Ripon, U.K.
-'88 phase 2 standard GTT
Can you doughnut?
Mark Hollingsworthm.a.hollingsworth@uclan.ac.uk Preston Lancas, England
-'89 phase 2 standard GTT
Martinstastny@renault.cz Zlin, Czech Republic
-'85 phase 1 GTT
Martin Franzmfranz@bluewin.ch Buchs AG, Switzerland
-'89 phase 2 fully modified GTT
Search info for mods... engine-power
Mastronardi Christophecmastron@tornado.be Bilzen, Belgium
-'87 phase 1 slightly modified GTT
Mail me om eventueel clubpagina op te richten.
Mathiastriplem@caramail.com Lyon,France
-'88 phase 2 standard GTT
I hope I can keep it alive!
Matt Colemanmjc597@bham.ac.uk Rhondda, Wales
-'88 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Anyone in my area get in touch
Matthewaec@mistral.co.uk -
-'88 phase 2 standard GTT
Matthew Ashdownmoose.man@aol.net Cardiff, Wales
-'90 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
I love GTTs
Merijn van de Kampeazy_e001@hotmail.com Almere, The Netherlands
Migliore Lucamigliore@obiwan.it Savigliano, Italy
Son paginas estupendas, felicidades
Migueljuliog@wamba.cpd.uva.es Valladolid, Spain
-'88 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
I love this car
Morvanmorvan@iu-vannes.fr Vannes, France
http://www.multimania.com/pym'89 phase 2 standard GTT
It's too much standard
Olivierr5gtt@mygale.org Bordeaux, France
http://www.multimania.com/08/r5gtt'87 phase 2 modified GTT
Pascal Verspeek- Neerpelt, Belgium
http://bewoner.dma.be/cannibal'86 phase 1 modified GTT
Car totally under construction
Pawelpawel.jawien@cdn.com.pl Poland
-'88 phase 2 standard GTT
Trying to organize an european meeting
Peer v/d Wijdevenmultiweb@wijdeven.nl Holland
Pearle paint
Peter Haendelp.haendel@t-online.de Koeln, Deutschland
-'96 phase 1 fully modified GTT
Renault 5 GT Turbo GR.A
Ramon Orpinellraorpig@jet.es Pira, Spain
-'86 phase 1 modified GTT
Engine phase 2 + Bilstein
Riens Hulstrhulst@horizon.nl Sprang-capelle, Holland
http://horizon.nl/~rhulst'88 phase 2 modified GTT
Super car to drive:182+bhp!!!
Robert Shea- Berkshire, UK
-'91 phase 2 standard GTT
Robbinro.ceelen@wxs.nl Angeren, The Netherlands
Robin Vieveenr.vieveen@hetnet.nl Den Haag, The Netherlands
-'88 phase 2 modified GTT
Bestaat er een Nederlandse GT Turbo-club
Rogerrpala001@correu.udg.es L'Escala, Spain
-'88 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
GAS. In case of doubt... Full GAS and grab your steering wheel!
S. Borgmanj.w.andriessenhuis@wxs.nl Borculo, Holland
-'89 standard GTT
Sergiowichsergiowich@ctv.es Valencia, Spain
http://www.ctv.es/users/sergiowich'87 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Direcciones que vendan Kits aerodinamicos por favor
Sieger Evertsfam.everts@wxs.nl Hoogersmilde, The Netherlands
-'89 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
I like the page!! continue...
Sylvainsylvain@delealum.etsii.upm.es Anglet, France
http://delealum.etsii.upm.es/~sylvain'87 phase 2 modified GTT
Esta pagina es buen rollo!
Thierry Bonothierry.bono@uhb.fr Rennes, France
-'88 phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Any informations about the different dump valve models?
Tino- Ouddorp, Nederland
http://www.angelfire.com/tn/zuidwestposse'87 phase 1 standard GTT
Tunde Martinst.martins@media-perf.salford.ac.uk Manchester, England
Ugur Guc- Kocaeli, Turkey
I have a Renault Five
Vassiliswilly@ath.forthnet.gr Athens, Greece
-phase 2 slightly modified GTT
Thank you for...
Veccasacha-vecca@village.uunet.be Westerlo, Belgium
-'85 phase 1 slightly modified GTT
Used parts in Belgium...WHERE where where???
Yannick Peyronyanns@worldnet.fr St Etienne, France
www.home.worldnet.fr/dob94'90 phase 2 modified GTT

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