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My name is Alex, I was born in 1974, I live in Madrid, Spain, and have just finished my telecom engineering grade. My father worked as a mechanic, and I've always liked cars. And... why would you like to know more? Did you come here looking for GT Turbo pages or what? :-)

The story

In 1995, I decided to compile some information about my biggest hobby, the GT Turbo, and put it all together into my web site. I never thought I was going to invest so much time in creating, maintaining and updating the pages, but from the feedback I receive, I think it's worth. Anyway, I must do other things in life, so I've been helped in this task by some people (see below).

The languages

The pages were initially in english only, as this is the language most people in the net uses. A spanish translation came to give access to the people who doesn't speak english or have problems with the technical vocabulary. When I met my friend Sylvain (via Internet), he was thinking about making some GT Turbo pages in french, but he saw much work already done and joined me in the upgrading of the pages and translated them all into french.

If you find any mistake, I'd thank any correction: spelling, bad use of terms, data... come on, it'll be easy to find mistakes! :-).


Some of the people that made these pages possible!

Sylvain My old good friend Sylvain. He holds the responsibility for the whole french version of the site (he's french and my french is lousy :-) ), but he has contributed in the creation of many pages. He made my white dials and prepared the dials fitting page, for example...
Jaako Jaako Suvanto. A nice finnish friend, owner of a 106 Rallye who has helped me to debug and polish the pages.
Pako Pako Samino. The friend that owns the scanner I used. He doesn't give a shit about cars, but he knows about image processing!
JMG José María Gamero. Another friend who passed me useful data: Group N info, the original Excel worksheet of the gearing, Renault 5 turbo 1 and 2 info...
Juan Miguel Juan Miguel Rodriguez. He helped me with some info and nice turbo photos.

The servers

Although these pages have always been settled at my university server, they're now hosted in

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