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New wheels!
Ready to jump ahead! (July 1998)
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February 1999

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Welcome to my favorite waste of time, money and personal integrity -this order!-, so welcome to my GT Turbo pages. This last appearance change (renew or die!) comes with a lot of new and, I hope, interesting stuff.

A love story A love story.
My beginning into the GT Turbo.
The technical specification data The technical specification data.
For compulsive comparative paranoids, or maybe useful for someone looking for a lost data!
The GT Turbo history The GT Turbo history.
The development of the legend.
The technical pages The technical pages.
Technical information: turbo basics, wastegates, bleed valves...
Tips & tricks collection Tips & tricks collection.
Improving your car.
The Cup version The Cup version.
The Renault 5 Elf Turbo racing series car.
Common problems Common problems.
With some luck, fault finding in your GT Turbo made easy!
The Gr.N version The Gr.N version.
The group N Renault 5 GT Turbo preparation.
Maintenance diary Maintenance diary.
Working with the car.
Driving techniques Driving techniques.
Using your GT Turbo.
Logo Club Club Renault 5 GT Turbo (Madrid, Spain)
V GT Turbo meeting V GT Turbo meeting at Jarama track (13-Jul-97).Over 30 GTT together.
VI GT Turbo meeting VI Meeting Club Renault 5 GT Turbo (21-Jun-98).The club goes out for a ride.
VII GT Turbo meeting VII Meeting Club Renault 5 GT Turbo (7-Mar-99).Going out again.
VIII GT Turbo meeting VIII Meeting Club Renault 5 GT Turbo(Next 12-Dec-99).Let's try to meet on winter!
Lexicon Lexicon.
Translating between english, spanish and french.
Internet GT Turbo Sporting Club Internet GT Turbo Sporting Club.
Connecting GT Turbo maniacs through the net.
Renault references Renault references.
Searching or checking Renault spare part references.
GT Turbo links GT Turbo links.
A window to the world out there.
Credits page Credits page.
Acknowledgements and these pages story.

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