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VII Club Renault 5 GT Turbo Meeting

-Pictures are not developed yet!-

This would be the seventh meeting of the club, that took place on on Mars the 7th, 1999, at the place that it's becoming usual, the parking next to the Casa de campo lake, in Madrid (Spain), where people would start arriving from 10:00.

I went there and I didn't saw anyone... so I cruised around and I got the first car, that hadn't seen anyone too, and was cruising around too... We parked and people begun to arrive, up to 28 cars that we were at the end. Many were already members of the club, but many others were new... There came some guys from Bizkaia, and a man from Burgos (both at 400 km from Madrid!).

Well, as ever, we were watching our cars all morning long... talking about what we had modified, what we wanted to do...

At 12:30 we went to Chinchon, a town 60 km on the east of Madrid. The way was shown in the roadbook (although I think we didn't follow it exactly :-))

Fist part: How to get to the lunch

Time Partial Total Place Comments
10:00     Madrid. Casa de campo Meeting
12:30 0   M-30 Dir. N-III
  20   N-III Dir. Valencia
  40   N-III Diversion Arganda (Do not take)
  52   Perales de Tajuña M-??? Dir. Chinchón
  60   Valdelaguna M-??? Dir. Chinchón
14:00 68   Chinchón Park at town entry.
Lunch. Mesón El Duende

At least this time nobody got lost, but we arrived in two different groups and entered the town by different places. There we were eating, pretty good, after parking in a big sand parking.

Then, after resting a bit, we went to the kart track located in Los Santos de la Humosa, almost going out of Madrid, through a very funny bendy road.

Second part: How to get to the kart track

Time Partial Total Place Comments
16:30 0 68 Chinchón Dir. Valdelaguna-Perales de Tajuña
  8 76 Valdelaguna Dir. Perales de Tajuña-N-III-Madrid
  16 84 Perales de Tajuña N-III Dir. Arganda-Madrid
  22 90 Arganda M-300 Dir. Alcalá de Henares
  47 115 Alcalá de Henares N-II Dir. Barcelona
  56 124 N-II M-??? Dir. Los Santos de la Humosa
18:00 62 130 Los Santos de la Humosa Kart track

There we raced the karts... the track was in a good condition, but there were a lot of closed bends that ended up-climbing, and if you didn't took them well, the cars almost stopped...

Finally, at 19:00 or so, when it was getting dark, all of us tired, we said good-bye and went home... and that was all... :-)

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