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Technical page: Brakes

Choosing a brake pad

Some points to know:


Brake discs become very hot if used hardly. They're prepared to dissipate a lot of heat (vented discs are much better for that, and that's why the GT Turbo front discs are so), but there is always a limit.

The problem with the heat is that the brake fluid starts boiling and introduces air into the brake lines. Then we start talking about fluid 'fading', a progressive brake efficiency decrease that's also perceived as a sticky sensation at the brake pedal.

Another effect of the excessive heating is the pad 'fading', when the working temperature of the pads is exceeded (depending on the compound used, of course) and they reduce their friction coefficient. In this case you also note a decreased brake power, but the pedal feels hard this time. Besides, the pads can get to crystalize, what would ruin them forever.

Choosing a brake fluid

Take into account that:

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