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Tips & tricks: gearbox

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Gearbox modifying


Apart from a wheel and/or tyre change, its possible to play with the gearing ratios and/or the final drive. A R11 Turbo gearbox has the same gear ratios and a different final drive (61/15 instead of 56/15), for example.

You can also use any Clio gearbox and so play with different gear ratios, so I know some people who's using a Clio 16v box. They get worse top speeds but better accelerations as it has shorter ratios (Thought for 15 inch wheels and a 16v-higher-rpm-range engine). But the speedometer sensor is mechanical and they have had to change the speedometer to a different one and use a cable!

This spreadsheet file lets you play with gear ratios, final drives or tyres. It then computes the final car speed for any engine r.p.m. It also gives the maximum car speed and engine r.p.m. given the maximum admissible piston linear speed and its stroke. (Yes, I know a Java version would be much nicer, if none of you has the time to do it, I'll probably end up doing it myself ;-) )

Download Lotus version Download Lotus 1-2-3 v5.1 *.wk4 version (7k)
Download Excel version Download Microsoft Excel *.xlw version (6k)


Just take the engine off and change the gears or whole gearbox. :-)

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