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Common problems

This in only the beginning of the project of a common problems guide. It's intended to make available to everyone information about what uses to fail, so that less headaches are suffered... and a interesting buying guide. Collaboration via email will help this section to grow and will be greatly appreciated.


Engine is pretty strong in the GT, the block endurance has been proved through years of usage in many Renault produced cars. If you take care of it using good oil, warming before running it and doing the right maintenance, you should make lots of kilometers without problems.

Oil system

To lengthen your turbo life, invest in good quality oil. Hot temperatures produced in the turbo bearings tend to degrade quickly bad quality oils (specially if you don't let the engine idle for a while before stopping the engine), and a good lubrication there is vital.

Fuel and exhaust system

Including the nicest part of the car: the turbo! Water cooled turbos tend to last more, but 20.000-100.000 km is a good approximation to a turbo life.

Cooling system

Under hard work and hot weather, these cars tend to overheat, a little more phase 1 than phase 2 ones.

Ignition system

Computerized ignition is nice, but the replacement of the computer module becomes an expensive action! The module it's prone to fail in phase 1 cars that have it located just over the hot turbo. It can be moved to the phase 2 location, after the firewall.

Electrical system

Wiring is not very good in these cars, as you've read, so you can find lots of problems with it.



Let's thank our four discs!

Suspension and steering

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