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The Cup version

This page covers the modifications made at the Cup version of the car as used in the national track racing championships organized in Europe (at least at Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain and Great Britain, that I know). The show went on between the R11 Turbo cup and the Clio 16v Cup, and the first race took place at the Bugatti circuit at Mans, France, on March the 2nd, 1986.

Disclaimer: These modifications are evidently intended for use only in a closed circuit.

Coupe version car


Oil system

Fuel and exhaust system

Cooling system

Ignition system



Suspension and steering


The different compulsory sticker, the race numbers and the pilot's name (space 1) were given by the organization after the technical verifications of the first race. Spaces marked 2 were free for the contestants.

Sticker distribution

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