Alex's GT Turbo pages

Tips & Tricks collection

I think all the tricks I have in these pages are worth being done, but:

Thinking... Done! Not applicable
I'm still thinking about doing it
(Money or time is limited!)
   I've already done it    Not applicable for me
(i.e. I don't have this part)

The degree of difficulty is indicated like this:

Difficulty 1/5 Difficulty 2/5 Difficulty 3/5 Difficulty 4/5 Difficulty 5/5
Very easy.
Trivial work.
It's no problem.
being handy.
You better know
what you're doing.
Very hard.
Professional job.

As the list of tips and tricks has grown too much, it's divided into several pages:

Engine Engine (empty by now) Oil system Oil system
Fuel and exhaust system Fuel and exhaust system Cooling system Cooling system
Ignition system Ignition system Electrical system Electrical system
Gearbox Gearbox Brakes Brakes
Suspension and steering Suspension and steering Body Body

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