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Maintenance diary

This is the maintenance history of my car. It contains the routine work, the problems I've had so far, and the modifications: there's always something you can do to improve, even without money. I wish the previous owner had had something like this... now one could say the car has had a dark past!

96/03/13 60.213 I finally bought one!
96/03/15 60.213 Odometer repaired.
It started counting again after what the previous owner
said it had been over 7000-10000 km.
96/03/16 60.243 Engine oil changed (ELF synthetic 15W50).
Oil filter replaced.
Spark plugs replaced (Champion N3G).
96/04/02 61.010 Gear oil replaced (Kraft 80W).
Alternator belt replaced.
Fan electroswitch replaced.
Changed from 92°C/85°C to 85°C/65°C.
96/08/06 64.504 Engine oil changed (ELF synthetic 15W50).
High voltage wires replaced.
Changed to 7mm silicone wires.
Distributor cap replaced.
There were eventual cold start difficulties.
97/01/07 67.844 Angular position sensor replaced.
Start difficulties continued.
Turbo oil return hose replaced.
I saw it too inflated while changing the sensor.
97/02/25 68.900 Angular position sensor extension wire replaced.
THAT was the starting problem!
97/02/28 69.100 Left driveshaft outer rubber bellow replaced.
Gear oil replaced (again) (Kraft 75W).
97/03/19 69.500 Alternator bearings replaced (6200 & 6203 models).
I heard a noise in cold working...
Engine oil changed (ELF synthetic 15W50).
Oil filter replaced.
Air filter replaced.
Air filter thermostatic flap readjusted.
It didn't open completely at 32°C.
97/05/14 72.600 Intercooler thermostatic flap forced open.
Now it's full time cooling all the air.
Front right shock absorber nut tightening.
There were noises on bumpy surfaces.
Antipercolation fan dismantled and greased.
It was becoming noisy, specially at the beginning.
97/07/12 74.100 Sparco strut bar added.
To improve handling.
97/07/18 74.284 Sierra Cosworth bonnet vents added.
I wanted more airflow.
Front bumper mesh openings.
I wanted even more airflow. Summer is hot here!
97/07/24 75.307 Thermostat replaced.
Changed from 83°C/93°C to 73°C/83°C.
Radiator and block flushed.
I wanted to make sure they were clean.
Antifreeze fluid changed (30% mixture used).
Engine oil changed (ELF synthetic 15W50).
Spark plugs replaced (Champion N3G).
97/09/10 77.100 Antipercolation fan dismantled and greased (again).
Only thin oil is not enough...
97/10/07 77.680 Oil radiator added.
I wanted to keep the car cool.
Intercooler strapped and painted black.
Looking forward to some boost pressure rise!
Manual dashboard fan switch added.
I can switch on the fan when I decide.
Manual dashboard antipercolation fan switch added.
Now I can switch off the antipercolation fan if I want.
Engine oil changed (ELF synthetic 15W50).
Oil filter replaced.
97/10/13 77.800 Flexible steering shaft coupling replaced.
There was some steering wheel free play and noise.
97/10/18 77.900 Left headlamp replaced.
I must start to brake a little before!
97/11/08 78.300 Starter motor brushes replaced.
97/11/11 78.350 Battery replaced (Tudor 12V 47Ah 195A).
97/12/13 79.600 Antipercolation fan dismantled and greased (once again).
I must be very bad at oiling!
97/12/19 79.940 JR direct induction kit installed.
To improve air entry.
97/12/26 80.168 Servo unit non-return valve replaced.
Just to make sure...
98/01/17 80.928 Right antifog lamp replaced.
A little problem with a 'U' in a parking.
98/02/13 81.677 White dials installed (Sylvain made).
To improve readability and for cosmetic reason....
98/02/13 81.713 Brembo Gold pierced front brake discs.
To reduce fading.
Ferodo Racing 845 front brake pads.
To improve braking.
98/03/20 83.600 Expansion tank to water pump water hose replaced.
It was starting to crack.
98/03/29 84.300 PTFE braided front brake hoses.
Brake fluid replaced(AP Lockheed DOT 5.1).
For brake pedal feeling.
Exhaust tailbox replaced(Momo Corse).
It rusted until a fist could enter!
98/04/04 84.542 Engine oil changed (ELF synthetic 15W50).
98/05/02 85.700 Fuel gauge sender unit cleaning.
The needle was going a bit crazy!
98/06/13 86.820 Clio Williams 15 inch alloys mounted.
Front 195-45-15 Toyo Proxes T1 tyres.
Rear 195-45-15 Dunlop SP2040 tyres.
Another world of handling.
98/06/15 86.860 Front wheel alignment.
After the alloys installation.
98/07/03 87.500 JR air filter cleaning.
Fuel filter replaced.
98/07/15 88.150 Valve clearances adjusted.
98/08/12 91.300 Engine oil changed (ELF synthetic 15W50).
Oil filter replaced (Purolator L17695).
98/08/17 91.350 Cup turbo actuator circuit modification.
To be able to mount a bleed valve.
98/08/20 91.400 Angular position sensor wires inverted.
You gain 4° of advance.
98/08/21 91.500 Electric cockpit adjustable bleed valve.
A first electrovalve to rise the boost.
Brake pedal extension.
Getting the things at the right place.
98/08/25 91.500 Spark plugs replaced (Champion N3G).
Alternator belt replaced (Gates 6227).
98/09/06 92.100 Steering wheel separator added.
Helping your back.
98/10/09 93.000 Front strut rubber mountings replaced.
A (unsuccessful) try to avoid a noise in bumps.
98/11/02 94.600 Electric cockpit adjustable bleed valve.
A second electrovalve to raise the boost.
98/11/07 94.700 JR air filter cleaning.
98/11/10 94.750 Front wheel alignment.
The car was eating the inner of the front wheels
due to excessive toe-out.

CO adjustment.
The CO mixture was too low, idling was poor
and performance not too bright.
98/11/18 94.850 Hand-made headlamp eyebrows.
Some painted adhesive film did the trick.
98/12/08 95.680 Horn replacement.
It refused to work. I installed a smaller one from
a Citroën C-15.
98/12/31 96.600 Rear brake pads Ferodo FD6065A.
Clutch cable.
99/01/09 96.800 Carburettor head joint.
There was an olily leak around the carburettor. But
it's still there!

Cup carburettor head caps.
I removed the screws I had and installed the proper
Renault Cup caps.

Right door check strap fixing.
It was starting to break and I had to install some
metal pieces and rivets.
99/01/23 97.290 Koni Sport 8741 1161 front shock absorbers.
And the noises in bumps disappeared, it was the dampers!
-35mm Pi Springs.

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